hello, i'm oliver

i'm a bi/pan 17 year old guy (he/him) who's pretty dumb but apparently pretty likeable. my hobbies include making kandi, listening to music, and making silly lil content on the interwebs! lol
if you're seeing this site i've probably linked it from somewhere, but to see my other socials, you can follow the links below. :o)

*I recently deleted a lot of my socials, but will be making new accounts. so i will update this when they're created. :)

TW: blood/sh on pinterest, tw before possibly triggering tiktoks/insta posts/yt videos

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hello, i'm oliver

bro i fuckin love music!!! all types! message me for or with music recs literally any time, i love branching out and helping others branch out too!
below are some of my fav playlists that i've made, click on an image for a link if you want to give it a listen! or if u just wanna check out my spotify in general there's a link for that too :3

hello, i'm oliver

(cw: bright/distorted images)


goth is a fashion, political, and music based subculture. its roots start in the late 70s and early 80s from the post-punk movement. it shares many of the same ideologies as the punk subculture, but the fashion and music sets it far apart. goth music tends to be much slower, melodic, and dark. there is a lot of inspiration from horror, grim mythology, and religion. goth fashion is mostly known for dark clothes. but it also incorporates large, teased hair, intense makeup, and many accessories.

scene is a subculture that comes from the mid-late 2000's emo subculture. scene kids were essentially "emo posers", and diehard emos distanced themself from the kids only part of the "scene". many scene kids went on to create their own music, with emphasis on party culture, raunchy lyrics, and incorporating pop or electronic influences. scene also became popular within the edm/rave community which led to the neon rainbow variant of the fashion, and kandi became a staple

although most people think of the 2000's as being the age of emo, emocore, a post-hardcore metal genre, emerged in the 80s. in the 90s, it was mixed with inspirations from pop punk, indie rock, and other alt rock genres. in the 2000's, a new version of emo once again appeared. this time, there was an emphasis on mental health and a general hatred for the world. the fashion of skinny jeans, band tees, tattoos, piercings, and the iconic hair also emerged in this time.


this aesthetic is all about the trashy aspects of 2000's culture and fashion. low crop jeans, slightly cropped cami's, spray tan, rhinestone everything, and mean girls galore. a lot of it comes from the party and club culture of the era. it seemed like for the first time ever, being extremely sleazy and causing drunken disorder in public was the norm. many celebrities of this time only got famous for leaked sex tapes and passing out at parties, and that sets the mood of the aesthetic pretty well.

kidcore is a childish aesthetic completely based around, if you can't guess, childhood and childish styles and designs. i think it's both absolutely adorable and a nostalgia-boosted serotonin wonderland. some staples are pastel colors (or alternatively bright rainbow colors), stuffed animals, cartoon characters, stickers, candy, toys, early 2000's kid websites, and other aspects of childhood. kidcore is a happy space, and negativity is strictly not allowed!

cottagecore, goblincore, farmcore, fairycore, dirtcore, and so many others are based around the outdoors. specifically, a more natural style of living. cottagecore is based around the idea of living in a little cottage in the woods. it comes with baking, gardening, and other homey activities. goblincore, though, is more about exploring the forest and being friends with creatures like frogs and bugs along the way. there's also a love for scavenging for plants or other natural trinkets.

glitchcore is a style of editing (both photo and video) that purposely features digital glitching. some styles resemble a corrupt jpeg, while others look as if a rainbow puked all over it. usually the subject will be a cartoon or anime character, but people also use glitchcore on photos and videos of people or themselves. glitchcore also has a music genre associated with it. it's similar to hyperpop but with distorted vocals and sounds. it also usually has more sampling.

hello, i'm oliver

☆eating disorder related things
☆glamorizing mental illness
☆explicit (real) gore
misc things that make me panic
☆vomiting (the act, not the substance)
☆dust and fingernail clippings together
☆sexualizing me (i'm a minor! but this applies to both adults and minors)
☆supporting dahvie vanity and blood on the dance floor
☆dry and peeling skin

☆fake punks (nazi punks fuck off! bigotry isn't fucking punk!)
☆kids under 16. and no, not even if you're "mature for your age"
☆pro-ana/ed accounts
☆anyone who acts on cringe culture
☆anyone who uses slurs they don't own
☆pedos or anyone pro-"map" (yuck)